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Call Center International (CCI) delivers a full range of contact services, and the support to deliver those services in the way that best meets customer needs.

  • Technology - CCI implements the latest, widely used customer contact and data management technologies. Whether you know what you want, or you would like to rely on our expertise to suggest solutions, CCI stands ready to implement whatever works best for you and your organization. Whether it's sales, surveys, customer satisfaction confirmation, customer support, product support, services support, appointments, leads, or virtually any other contact service CCI is your premium choice to accomplish your objectives and contain costs.
  • Seamless Integration - CCI is able to integrate with over 100 customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This reinforces your customer's loyalty to you, by ensuring that the agent they talk with is a true representative of your company, already up-to-speed on your history with that specific customer. This is accomplished with the use of constantly updated online access support software that enables CCI to provide you and your customers with the best response available in any contact center environment at any price.

Inbound Services

Ensure clear and friendly conversation from the first word, with agents who represent your organization with the service that you would prefer to receive yourself:

  • Order and Reservation Processing - Ensure that your customers enjoy talking with a friendly and knowledgeable sales professional.
  • Help Desk - CCI support experts know how to turn problems into increased customer loyalty.
  • Technical Support - A smile in the voice and solid knowledge of the issues most likely to arise enhance the ownership experience.
  • Lead Capture - Make it clear to your prospect that you appreciate their interest and that your response will be just what they want.
  • Answering Service - Give your customers the reassurance that they've reached a human who cares and will move them closer to reaching their goal.
  • Live Chat - Your customers enjoy a reassuring experience and productive results when chatting online, in real time with CCI subject matter experts.

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Outbound Services

CCI multiplies your ability to take the initiative in enhancing your customer's experience, generating leads or closing sales. Available services include:

  • Warm Welcome - Make your customers know that they're appreciated, to keep them happy and coming back. More than extending a sincere thank you, CCI agents know how to turn this into a two-way dialogue to gain the customer's perspective on how your product or service can be improved, and where the opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling may be found.
  • Cross-Sell and Up-Sell - CCI sales professionals know how to discover sales triggers, helping your customers to buy, rather than pushing the hard sell.
  • Lead Generation - Turn your hard-earned contact information into qualified leads.
  • Reservation Confirmation - Reassure your customers that their appointment or service will be ready, right on time.
  • Collections - A firm and professional attitude helps to ensure that you receive more of what you've already earned.
  • Surveys - When you need to know what your customers, or any other group, is thinking, you need to ask. CCI has the logistics and skill to do that asking for you.
  • Retention - With a polished level of professionalism and empathy, cancel requests can be turned into an extended relationship and enhanced loyalty.

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